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Our Top Selling Donut Treats - Most Delicious Donuts in Perth


Take a look at these chocolate-covered donuts, made by hand and sure to satisfy your sweet desire. The custard center and milk chocolate icing in this bite-sized treat make it a pure delight.  The flavorful accomplishment is made even better with a touch of white chocolate drizzle and colorful sprinkles.

Our donuts are a piece of art with dazzling decors!


Featuring a scrumptious dessert filling, a white chocolate frosting, strawberry syrup, and strawberry candy crystals for garnish. These strawberry donuts are so bright and shiny, one can’t stop drooling at!

With a pleasant fruity aroma, the reason is simple why we’re one of the best donut shops in Perth!


Do you wish to have caramel drizzled over your adorable snack? Here, have some Caramel Ganache; it’s stuffed with the sweet stuff to the gills. The topping consists of an amazing caramel glaze and some salted caramel pieces. The final touch of chocolate magic is a drizzle of chocolate.


The glaze created by original donut glaze in my eyes has made my day shiny and giving me a real mouth feel. Our donut glaze is a sugary glaze that adds a glossy shine, good clarity, and a sugary bite to donuts. A glimpse of these puffy, shiny donuts can make your eyes and your heart smile. The perfect sweetness in the sugary bite of this shiny donut is somewhat irresistible for the customers. Munching on this shiny donut will help you shine all day.

Buy Donuts in Perth - A Wholesome Menu from Love with Donuts

Donut cravings, anyone? You’ve landed on the right track. From crisp to oozing delicious filings and flavors, we serve the most delicious in Perth. Get your taste buds ready to experience the aromatic and scrumptious donut, as most donut lovers call it!

Let’s dwell into a mouth-watering catalogue of the best donut shop Perth and what are our famous occasional treats. Buy donuts in Perth with exciting flavors and eye-catching decors!

Who Are We Serving? - Best Donut Shop Perth

Love with donut is proudly one of the best donut shops in Perth. We make your wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, reception events, and whatnot more delightful with our eye-catching donuts spreads.

Not just that, we are the true highlight of an event with our hand-curated range of appetizers, drinks, customized wedding cakes, and donuts.

At Love with Donuts, we cater to your birthday parties and other festivities, being the best donut shop Perth. Not just that, we also have a range of other party snacks such as hot dogs, coffee, etc. Love with Donuts offers the perfect ambience and taste to buy donuts in Perth for regular get-togethers!